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AFD Releases More Info On Fire

The Artesia Fire Department has released some more information on a fire that was reported earlier this morning. Fire Marshal James Abner says it was reported at 6:23 and crews were called to 406 South 15th. He says two vehicles parked at a house were damaged. The house also received some damage due to the approximate location of the vehicles. He says the vehicles are a total loss and the cause is under investigation. He says if you have any info, you’re asked to call his office or the Artesia Police Department.

NMSU Students Becoming More Quiet

© 2015 Michael Swickard, Ph.D."The college that does not feel the need of a medium for the publication of its various doings and saying must be a very quiet sort of place with students who never play pranks and teachers who cannot appreciate a "break" when it is made." In the first New Mexico State University yearbook, 1908.There has been an announcement that NMSU's student newspaper, the Round-Up, will terminate weekly editions and settle into deep obscurity as some kind of monthly magazine. Perhaps that will still let students get paid but it serves little other purpose in keeping student media on campus.A student newspaper is a vibrant alive burr under the saddle of the administration and focus of many conflicting views. It breathes and snorts and fires the imagination. Or, it did in the past.Some of us who are former staffers of the media at NMSU are saddened by this action. I was on my high school newspaper and yearbook in Alamogordo as a photographer and when I came to NMSU in the fall of 1968 I continued student photo journalism.My father, a photography instructor for the Air Force taught me well all phases of photography. My first year at NMSU I worked with the Round-Up, became the Head Photographer of the yearbook, worked on the student radio station and got in on the ground floor of the television efforts.I was even elected to the NMSU Student Senate from the College of Arts and Sciences to protect the budgets of the three media: the newspaper, yearbook and student radio station. Myself and Brad Cates were the two real conservatives in the Senate. Brad was later elected Student Body President.In October of 1969 Harvey Jacobs, Journalism and Mass Communications Department Head called me to his office. He almost single-handedly built the NMSU media program and wanted me to do him a favor.Justin Weddell, Class of 1908 was the driving force in starting both the student newspaper and the yearbook. He was getting a special honor for Homecoming and would be arriving from Chicago. Someone needed to show him how the campus had changed. As someone who worked with the student newspaper and yearbook, I was given the opportunity to spend the day with Weddell.As luck would have it, I respected Harvey Jacobs and it was the very first thing he had ever asked me to do so I was in for the day. Weddell was eighty-two and still in fairly good health. We walked around with him saying, "Our student dorm, The Klondike was over there until one night when it burnt down."His Senior Thesis was The Art of the Southwestern Indian which he mentioned. I asked if he had gone to see the pictographs at Three Rivers. He had several times. I smiled and mentioned that my grandmother had taught school in that one-room school in 1908. He did not remember her directly but remembered the school.We had a pleasant day and then it was time for him to join other graduates for the Homecoming festivities. He held my hand a few moments and said, "Don't let them kill what the class of 1908 started." I promised to fight for the media. Already, even in 1969, student newspapers and yearbooks were thought to be out of date.The Round-Up essentially quitting the news business would not have surprised Justin Weddell since students no longer read newspapers. They skim electronically and stories over fifty words are in danger of being ignored.I do not mourn for the Round-Up, I mourn for the learning opportunity that the editors and news producers had in putting out the paper. It came out twice a week in my era and once a week currently. That required writers to be on deadline and editors to manage their time effectively.Publishing once a month is like not at all. The NMSU students have gotten quiet as they are surrounded by their electronic world. I am not as old as Justin Weddell was when I spent a day with him. Still, it was forty-six years ago and I'm no Spring Chicken. We are and were Round-Up dinosaurs remembering a better time.Email:

WIPP Announces Schedule Changes For Resumption Of Operations

While the WIPP recovery program continues to make significant progress, the original target date of March 2016 for resuming waste emplacement operations is no longer viable due to a variety of unanticipated issues. Over the past several months a number of additional activities have been identified that need to be added to the project schedule, including safety related activities that are required to be completed prior to resumption of operation.Key issues impacting the recovery schedule include the need to address the findings and recommendations from the Accident Investigation Boards, implement DOE’s more rigorous standards for site specific Documented Safety Analyses, and resolve problems with the contractor’s oversight of the procurement and quality assurance processes for the manufacture and delivery of the Interim Ventilation System. The Department is actively engaged with the contractor to address these issues.“We are disappointed that we will not meet the original target date for beginning waste emplacement, but do not want to lose sight of the substantial progress that has been made in the recovery of the WIPP site, including great strides in mine stabilization, radiological risk mitigation and the closure of Panel 6 and Panel 7 Room 7, all of which have significantly increased safety in the underground,” said Acting Carlsbad Field Office Manager Dana Bryson.The Department recently completed a review of all WIPP recovery activities to determine if there were efficiencies that could be found to safely maintain the current schedule. Following that review, it was determined that the schedule for resuming operations must be updated. The Department is in the process of addressing these issues and anticipates having a revised cost and schedule plan this fall.“The Department is committed to resuming operations at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant as soon as it is safe to do so. In light of the safety-related activities that must be completed before waste emplacement begins, a new target date for the re-start of waste emplacement operations in 2016 must be established. We will continue to keep the public informed about our recovery activities,” said Bryson.

Aggie Swimmer Participating In FINA World Championships In Russia

Sophomore Jannah Sonnenschein of the New Mexico State swimming and diving team is in Kazaan, Russia competing in the 2015 FINA World Championships, Aug. 1-7.Sonnenschien, who is originally from Amterdam, Netherlands, is representing the country of Mozambique as she spent most of her life growing up there and earned her citizenship there. She represented Mozambique last summer in the Youth Olympics that were held in Nanjing, China. Aggie swimming and diving head coach Rick Pratt is especially excited for Sonnenschein and knows that she has worked extremely hard to get to this point."We are very proud of Jannah and it’s a huge honor to have an Aggie compete at the highest level of swimming at such an event,” said Pratt. “She has worked very hard this summer getting ready for this event and we are excited to see how she will do.”Sonnenschein swam a 55.81 in the 100-yard butterfly and a 2:07.11 in the 200-yard butterfly at the 2015 Western Athletic Conference Championships this past spring and continues to push herself to improve her times in both events. “Jannah is still learning much about herself and her swimming,” said Pratt. “She is a lot of fun to work with and is an extremely positive lady to have with our program.”The FINA World Championships are the largest international aquatic sports event hosted by the International Swimming Federation (FINA). It’s one of the most watched international sporting events. According to an independent report, the latest edition reached a total worldwide television audience of almost 4.5 billion viewers.The FINA World Championships were first held in 1973 in Belgrade (Yugoslavia). From 1978-1998, the Championships were staged every four years, in the even years between Summer Olympic years. From 2001 on, the World Championships have been held every two years, in the odd years.At present, the FINA World Championships program includes the following aquatic sports: swimming, diving, open water swimming, synchronized swimming, and water polo.

Federal Charges For Two Men Arrested Following Shooting Incident With Task Force

Two men arrested Friday night (July 31) during a federal narcotics investigation – which included an exchange of gunfire between a third suspect and members of the Chaves County Metro Narcotics Task Force – will face federal charges of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance and conspiracy. Those arrested and charged are Francisco Aguilar, 34, residence unknown, and Joseph Ray Mendiola, 34, of Roswell. They remained in the Chaves County Detention Center Saturday afternoon, each on a federal no-bond hold. The third suspect, Jeremy Hatch, 34, of Roswell, was shot and killed during Friday’s incident. During the gunfire, a Roswell Police Department officer who works on the task force was struck in the abdomen by one shot from the suspect. That officer was taken to a hospital, where he was treated and released within several hours.

Newsmakers Looks At Public Policy

From KRWG-TV in Las Cruces, this episode of Newsmakers includes a discussion of public policy in New Mexico with guests state Rep. Bill McCamley (D-NM 33) and Paul Gessing, President, Rio Grande Foundation. Fred Martino(pictured) is the host. Watch it now in the You Tube link at the bottom of the page. 

Chile Harvest Is Here

It is time for the green chile harvest and throughout New Mexico farms are bringing in their crop. Here's Dalene Hodnett(pictured) with the details.

Personal-Safety Information, Instruction To Be Offered

A Community Awareness Meeting at the Roswell Police Department will offer citizens a variety of helpful information about staying safe and being prepared to protect yourself. The personal-safety presentation, which is free to the public, will take place Thursday, Aug. 6, at 6 p.m. While it will be geared a bit more toward women, there will still be plenty of information men can benefit from.The presentation will include information regarding human nature, potential attackers, maintaining awareness of your surroundings and other factors that make a difference to personal safety. Those attending will learn about the important sequence of “Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.” Participants will also have the opportunity to receive some hands-on instruction in basic defense tactics and see how fine-tuned their skills of observation really are. Those attending the presentation can begin to arrive at the police station (128 W. Second St.) at 5:45 p.m. The public is asked to enter on the south side of the building, using the east door. RPD personnel will be present to direct people to the meeting location inside.

More Orange Coming To Artesia

The Artesia City Council has approved the awarding of the West Richey Avenue Pavement Rehab Project to Constructors, Inc. of Carlsbad. The project will cost more than a million bucks and will go from 26th Street to 4th Street for a length of nearly two miles. The Infrastructure Department says there will be some milling and pavement work. They also report that some minor pavement reconstruction work will take place around existing manholes and there will be some utility work as well. The work is expected to begin in the next 30 to 45 days. The contract allows for 100 calendar days to complete the project. During construction, one lane of traffic will be open in each direction.

Where Do We Rank On Life Insurance Payouts In NM?

A recent study by SmartAsset ranked the counties that were benefiting the most from life insurance payouts and Eddy County made the list. The study ranked counties by the total payout among the covered population before the estate tax was factored in. AJ Smith, Managing Editor of SmartAsset offers more information.