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Bulldogs And Coyotes Win In Pigskin Opener

The Artesia Bulldogs returned to Belen Friday night. That was the same place where they won the state title last year. Guess what? Artesia saw the same result in the season opener as the Bulldogs shutout Belen 41-0. Artesia had more than 300 yards in total offense. The Bulldogs are home next week against Hobbs. Also on Friday night, the Roswell Coyotes won big over Ruidoso 50-6. The Goddard Rockets were defeated by Clovis 37-14. The NMMI Colts and Fort Sumner had their game postponed due to weather. NMMI SID Geoff Gunn says that game will be made up Saturday morning. The Colts were leading in the second quarter. Capitan downed Hagerman 38-30 and it was Hatch Valley over Dexter 38-0 and El Paso Americas defeated Carlsbad 32-13.

COMING SOON: September 5, 2015

The Texas Tech 2015 Football season is upon us. Find out more by going to the You Tube link at the bottom of the page.

Former Aggie Comes Home

NM State men’s basketball welcomes the return of one of its own, as former Aggie Brandon Mason has been tabbed by NM State Head Coach Marvin Menzies the new Special Assistant to the Head Coach.Mason has spent the last season as an assistant coach at New Mexico Highlands after two seasons as the video administrator at New Mexico.“I’m so excited to be able to return to the Aggies,” said Mason. “This is a dream come true. I’ve been waiting on the opportunity to work with Coach Menzies and his staff, and to work with such a great program with a strong winning tradition.”Mason played for the Aggies from 1999 to 2003, averaging 9.1 points and 3.2 rebounds for his career. He is part of the NM State 1,000-Point Club, scoring 1,051 points in his four seasons with the Aggies. He was also twice named the team’s defensive player of the year.Mason still ranks in the Aggie career top 10 with 123 steals (eighth) and 302 assists (ninth).Mason went on to play professionally in both the US and overseas, most recently in Lebanon for Byblos Sporting Club. He also helped the Albuquerque Thunderbirds win the 2006 NBDL (D-League) Championship and played for the Gallup Talons of the ABA. “We’re very excited to add a former Aggie to our staff,” said Menzies. “Brandon will be able to help us in several aspects of the program. His experience as a player here, as a pro player and his experience coaching in Division I and II will have an immediate impact on our current roster of young players.”“We have a great relationship with Brandon and the chemistry of our coaching staff should be flawless.”Mason earned his degree in individualized studies in 2009 from NM State, with a minor in hotel, restaurant and tourism management.Mason starts with the Aggies on Monday, Aug. 31.

Busy September Awaits ECC

September is going to be active for the Eddy County Commission. The commission will hold their first meeting of the month this coming Tuesday, which is Sept. 1. They will hear a presentation from Central Valley Electric regarding geothermal energy. The commission will also hear an update on a hazardous waste event. The commission will also meet as the Indigent Hospital Claims Board. They will also be hearing a request to increase the Human Resource Department’s budget. The commission will also meet on Sept. 15 and that is the day that they will hold a public hearing and possibly vote on a two-eights increase in the Gross Receipts Tax. The hold harmless gross receipts tax as it is called will be used to fix roads. The commission has been dealing with this for sometime. This proposal doesn’t appear to be very popular with county residents. The Carlsbad City Council has stated their opposition to it and the Artesia City Council could follow suit.

Xcel Energy Offers Cool Savings Through Refrigerator Recycling

Xcel Energy residential electric customers now have an even better reason to take advantage of the popular Refrigerator Recycling Program and cash in on those old, working inefficient refrigerators and freezers. For a limited time, Xcel Energy is offering a $75 incentive, up from their standard $50 incentive, for recycling an eligible fridge or freezer before October 31, 2015. Appliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc. administers the program and will pick up the old, energy-guzzling refrigerators or freezers, typically located in a garage or basement, and recycle the parts.To date, more than 1,200 Xcel Energy customers in New Mexico have participated in the program, which is part of Xcel Energy’s Demand-Side Management Plan.Xcel Energy a proud partner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Program. Through the Refrigerator Recycling Program and ARCA’s advanced recycling processes, Xcel Energy is eligible for RAD membership, which includes the proper handling of refrigerants, foam, metals, plastic, glass, PCBs, mercury and used oil found in old refrigerators and freezers.“This program provides a convenient and environmentally safe solution for our customers. They don’t have to lug it to the curb, and when we pick it up, we’ll give them two free compact fluorescent light bulbs,” says Christmas Ramirez, Xcel Energy program manager. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that a 20-year-old refrigerator can consume two to four times more energy annually than a new model and can significantly increase customers’ electricity bills. Older units cost over $100 a year in electricity bills. Units more than 10 years old contain more than 120 pounds of recyclable steel, according to ENERGY STAR®.

ECSO Continues Homicide Investigation

The Eddy County Sheriff’s Office has released some more information on a homicide case that was reported earlier this month. According to Chief Deputy Mark Cage, deputies responded to the case involving Rey Corella. He was a resident of Loving and on the evening of Aug. 14 a co-worker noticed that his vehicle was parked next to a travel trailer located on the north side of the residence. The co-worker entered the travel trailer and found Corella unresponsive on the floor. Detectives are still investigating and the OMI says Corella died of a single gunshot wound. If you have any information you’re asked to call ECSO or Crimestoppers at 887-1888.

City Adds Four Way Stop To Kircher And San Jose

Citing an increase in the flow of traffic, the City of Carlsbad has added a 4-Way stop sign to the intersection of Kircher Street and San Jose Boulevard.Director of Public Works Tom Carson said construction in the area is one of the contributing causes to an overall increase in traffic at the intersection. Kircher Street has especially been seeing increased use, Carlson said, resulting in lengthy traffic lines at what had previously been an intersection with a 2-Way stop sign for the vehicles on Kircher.“The intersection meets the traffic flow requirements for a 4-Way Stop,” Carlson explained. “Additionally, pedestrians need a safe way to cross San Jose Boulevard, especially due to the proximity to San Jose Senior Center.”The signs have been installed but are currently covered, in order to inform motorists that they are coming. A covered stop sign does not require that a motorist stop, Carlson clarified. To help introduce motorists to the new change, the City is also going to install temporary “Stop Ahead” signs along San Jose Boulevard. The City plans to uncover the stop signs, officially making it a 4-Way stop, on Sept. 8.Carlson said additional road improvements are planned for San Jose Boulevard and nearby Standpipe Road during the next few months.

State Happy With Injunction

Governor Susana Martinez’s executive agencies--the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) and the Office of the State Engineer (OSE)--along with 12 other co-plaintiff states (States) prevailed in their motion to block the Aug. 28 implementation of the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps). Chief Judge Ralph Erickson granted the States’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction in the U.S. District Court of North Dakota, and ruled that the North Dakota District Court has original jurisdiction over the matter, not the Court of Appeals, as has been argued by EPA and the Corps.“EPA and the Corps forced this rule on the states with minimal state and stakeholder involvement. I am delighted that the court has halted this rule until its serious legal deficiencies can be corrected by the courts,” said NMED Secretary Ryan Flynn. “Regulating a state’s most precious resource, water, from Washington, D.C., is both ineffective and wrong. Local oversight, local control, and local communication lead to the most effective protection of our arid state’s waters, streams, and tributaries.”The coalition of states--North Dakota, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, South Dakota, Wyoming, and New Mexico’s Environment Dept. and Office of the State Engineer--sought postponement of the WOTUS rule so that full litigation over the rule can run its course. The Court entered an order halting the WOTUS rule, which was previously set to go into effect on Aug. 28, 2015, pending the outcome of challenges filed by various states throughout the country.“EPA and the Corps’ WOTUS rule unlawfully imposes federal regulatory authority over state lands and waters beyond what Congress allows under the Clean Water Act. The new rule mandates a sprawling new WOTUS definition. Living in New Mexico, we understand the uniqueness of our arid environment, and NMED and the OSE are clearly the appropriate agencies to regulate these state waters,” said Flynn. “The WOTUS rule greatly infringes on state and local authority to manage and regulate lands and waters within our boundaries.” The proposed WOTUS definition seeks to include state waters that were previously immune from federal jurisdiction, such as remote and intermittent waters, and ephemeral streams and channels.Flynn explained, “In New Mexico, many of our waterways and streams are dry for the majority of the year, sometimes for entire years, and yet, these so-called waters would be swept under the regulatory authority of the EPA and the Army Corps.”New Mexico State Engineer Tom Blaine pointed out that, “A lack of clarity and internal inconsistencies in the new rule will lead to misinterpretation and confusion making disputes more likely. This lawsuit is necessary to protect the New Mexico State Engineer’s exclusive authority to supervise the appropriation and distribution of our State’s surface and groundwater.”

Artesia And Carlsbad Joining Forces?

The Carlsbad City Council has gone on record for opposing it and now the Artesia City Council is being asked to do the same thing. We’re talking about a possible increase in the Eddy County Gross Receipts Tax. The county has been kicking this around for sometime and they are expected to hold another public hearing and possibly vote on it sometime next month. The Artesia City Council will hold a special meeting Monday afternoon at 5:30.

Woods Houghton Podcast Returns

This week the Eddy County Extension Agent talks about Cotton Root Rot, grasshoppers, pesticide training and fall gardens. 

AAA Releases Weekend Gas Watch

New Mexico drivers are now paying an average of $2.65 for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel, according to the AAA New Mexico Weekend Gas Watch. That price is six cents less than last week and 75 cents less per gallon than last year. Of the major metropolitan areas surveyed in the Land of Enchantment, drivers in Santa Fe are paying the most on average at $2.76 per gallon while drivers in Las Cruces are paying the least at $2.56 per gallon. Nationally, drivers are paying $2.53, which is twelve cents less than last week and 90 cents less than a year ago.

Protect Your Groundwater Day Is September 8

The Office of the State Engineer, along with the National Ground Water Association (NGWA), encourages every person to protect public health and the health of the environment by protecting groundwater, beginning on Protect Your Groundwater Day, September 8, 2015.According to the NGWA, in the United States, 39.4 percent of the population regularly depends on groundwater, and 38.5 million Americans rely on privately owned and operated household water wells for their drinking water supply. Another 87.1 million residents rely on groundwater-supplied community water systems.For household water well owners, managing the well system and one’s property can make a difference in water quality. “Often, private well owners are not aware that wells need maintenance to continue to provide safe and clean drinking water,” said Office of the State Engineer Statewide Projects Supervisor Jerri Pohl. “Most know very little about their well. The NGWA is a valuable organization for well owners, and their website is a comprehensive resource.” People who do not use household wells also can make a difference in groundwater quality—for instance, by how they store, use, and dispose of hazardous household substances, or how well they maintain their septic systems.Additionally, with water shortages in the Southwest, protecting groundwater through conservation is more important than ever.

Doctor Says Proper Nutrition Can Curb Substance Abuse

Substance abuse in America is costly. It is costly in terms of financial cost, as well as, the emotional and physical cost it takes on people. Very alarming is that most substance abuse recovery programs only report between an 8% to 13% success rate. Why is that? What is missing that causes such a relapse? Are there any easy answers?Dr. Keith Kantor(pictured), a leading nutritionist and founder of the NAMED program says that one of the major causes for addicts to relapse is due to a poor diet and improper nutrition. He says that a proper meal plan and nutrition has been shown to prevent relapses and also prevent substance abuse among those most at risk.(Courtesy photo)

Artesia Mayor Talks Street And Road Work

Artesia Mayor Phil Burch says members of the New Mexico Department of Transportation have been spending some time in Artesia this week. He says they are dealing with the impending road work on U.S.-82 between Artesia and Lovington. Mayor Burch says Artesia folks are interested in the work that will be taking place on the highway until it hits New Mexico 529.

Alumni Group To Appeal

The board of directors of New Mexico Military Institute’s Alumni Association has decided to appeal a court ruling ordering them to turn over more than five million dollars to NMMI. The Roswell Daily Record reports that the alumni association will continue to operate off-campus at the Best Western Sally Port Inn in Roswell as they await a ruling from the New Mexico Court of Appeals. The issue involves nearly six million dollars of alumni association funds, including more than three million dollars of restricted funds established for more than 60 scholarships and close to two million dollars of unrestricted funds for alumni events and other alumni matters.

Miss New Mexico Getting Ready To Compete On The National Stage

Marissa Livingston, Miss New Mexico, will represent the state and compete for the title of Miss America on September 13 in Atlantic City, NJ and televised nationally on ABC.(Photo courtesy of Miss New Mexico)

Marita Noon Podcast Returns

The head of Energy Makes America Great says,"a little more than a year ago, oil prices were above $100 a barrel. The national average for gasoline was in the $3.50 range. In late spring, oil was $60ish and the national average for gas was around $2.70. The price of a barrel of oil has plunged to $40 and below—yet, prices at the pump are just slightly less than they were when oil was almost double what it is today."

Carlsbad Woman Sentenced

Wanda Jo Bunch, 62, of Carlsbad has been sentenced in federal court in Las Cruces to 33 months in federal prison followed by two years of supervised release for her methamphetamine trafficking conviction. Bunch was arrested on Oct. 16, 2014, on a criminal complaint alleging that she possessed methamphetamine with intent to distribute in Eddy County, N.M., on Sept. 2, 2014. According to the complaint, agents with the Pecos Valley Drug Task Force executed a search warrant on Bunch’s residence where they seized almost 200 grams of marijuana, nearly 93 grams of methamphetamine and nearly five grand.

Scam Callers Claiming To Represent Xcel Energy

Roswell residents have been calling the Roswell Police Department to report receiving phone calls recently from people claiming to be with local power provider Xcel Energy.The caller tells the resident he or she is in arrears on their account and must provide credit card information so the bill can be paid immediately. The scammer claims the company has someone on the way to turn off the electrical service to the residence or business.The caller provides a phone number for the targeted victim to use in calling back with the requested information. When that number is called, a recorded greeting claims the person has reached Xcel. Xcel Energy says it never contacts its customers in this manner. No matter who claims to be calling, never give financial or other personal identification information on the phone unless you initiated the call and are certain who you are talking to.

Paul Gessing Podcast Returns

This week the head of the Rio Grande Foundation talks about the economic situation in the state and government employees making laws. 

Bernarr Treat To Lead New Mexico Government Affairs

Bernarr Treat, a Roswell native, will join Xcel Energy on Sept. 1 as the manager for State Government Affairs for New Mexico. In this role, Treat will manage Xcel Energy’s interaction with the New Mexico Legislature, state leadership offices, and other important state and regional stakeholders.Treat succeeds long-time Xcel Energy employee Varney Brandt, who has retired.Treat is a fifth generation New Mexican with deep ties to the state’s ranching and agriculture industry. For the past several years, Treat has managed the ranch holdings of Armstrong Energy. In prior positions, he served as executive director of the Roswell Chamber of Commerce, and served in government affairs roles for the New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau and the New Mexico State Fair. Treat also has served on the boards of a number of civic organizations including the New Mexico Amigos, the United Way of Chaves County, Hike it Spike it, and a variety of educational, agricultural, and ranching organizations.“Our partnership with New Mexico is a vital part of Xcel Energy’s success. We are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in New Mexico infrastructure, which serves 100,000 customers and many of the state’s core industries,” said Damon Withrow, director of Regional Government Affairs for Xcel Energy. “Bernarr will not only be our advocate in Santa Fe, but also the advocate for the customers who depend on us as a key partner in their economic and community success.”