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Author and Photographer - Joseph Sorrentino

Fronteras host Edmundo Resendez discusses with Joseph Sorrentino who has published articles and photographs in a number of newspapers and magazines including the Philadelphia City Paper, 100Reporters, and In These Times. The program is produced by KRWG TV in Las Cruces and you watch it in the You Tube link at the bottom of the page.

State Land Commissioner Seeks To Protect Ogallala Aquifer From Depletion

In an effort to protect one of the country’s largest and most important sources of drinking water, State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn is taking action to curtail usage of fresh water from the Ogallala aquifer.

AAA New Mexico: Record Breaking Travel For Independence Day Weekend

AAA New Mexico forecasts that 3.3 million vacationers from the Mountain Region will travel 50 miles or more away from home this Independence Day weekend, which is slightly more than a three percent increase in overall travel volume from last year. Sarah Schimmer Public Affairs,AAA Texas/New Mexico, offers more information.

AAA New Mexico: Drivers Paying Three Cents Less Compared To Last Week

The statewide gas price average in New Mexico is $2.22 for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel, according to the AAA New Mexico Weekend Gas Watch. That price is three cents less than last week and five cents more per gallon than this day last year. Sarah Schimmer Public Affairs, AAA Texas/New Mexico, offers more information.

UFO Festival Arrives Next Week To Mark 70th Anniversary Of Roswell Incident

This year’s UFO Festival marks the 22nd year of the event in Roswell and the 70th anniversary of the famed “Roswell Incident” that is celebrated, discussed and debated each year at the festival. The UFO Festival will take place June 29-July 2, welcoming UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike to the annual recognition of the 1947 incident that many believe involved a UFO crashing on a ranch in the Roswell area. The festival will feature speakers, authors, live entertainment, costume contests, a parade, a giant water slide, vendors and more. Details about the various events at the festival – which is organized by Roswell MainStreet in cooperation with numerous other organizations and receives funding support from the City of Roswell lodgers’ tax. During the UFO Festival, the City of Roswell’s Robert H. Goddard Planetarium at the Roswell Museum and Art Center (100 W. 11th St.) will present laser shows. Each show (adults $5; children ages 4-10 $3; children ages 3 and younger free) is themed to music from a particular band. The laser shows feature the music of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles and U2 among others.The city’s Parks and Recreation Department is also sponsoring an event during the festival. The Alien Chase features 5K and 10K runs and walks for all ages. The Saturday, July 1, races start at 7 a.m. at the Roswell Convention and Civic Center (912 N. Main St.). For race information, including how to register, call the Parks and Recreation Department at (575) 624-6719.

Latest GOP Health-Care Draft Threatens NM Medicaid

By Brett McPherson. The latest version of the GOP plan to repeal and replace Obamacare is being made available for review just one week before it is to be voted on in the Senate - and it contains drastic implications for Medicaid in New Mexico. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has enacted rules to bypass committee hearings on the bill, which supporters hope to get signed before the Fourth of July recess. If that happens, people on medical assistance in New Mexico face severe challenges, according to Edwin Park, vice president for health policy with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. `The emerging Senate bill, which is largely mirroring the House bill, would scale back the Medicaid program, and then the coverage levels that were even in place pre-Affordable Care Act would be rolled back as well,` Park said. The largest group of New Mexicans to be affected would be children. More than 300,000 kids were on Medicaid in the state in 2014, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Still, Republicans argue that Americans deserve relief from the failures of Obamacare. Thirteen senators - none from New Mexico - have been meeting behind closed doors ever since the American Health Care Act passed the House of Representatives in May, making changes to the bill. With only a week until the Senate vote and no committee evaluations, the heat is on to either pass or kill the plan. Groups such as MoveOn are working overtime to rally Democrats and Independents to defeat the bill. Park said one reason to do so is that progress that was made with Medicaid expansion would be erased. `That is very large Medicaid cuts and millions of low-income individuals who would otherwise be on Medicaid losing their coverage,` he said. If the AHCA passes in the Senate, where Republicans hold a 52-to-48 majority, changes will need approval from the House again before it can be signed by the president.

Officers Seize 17 Illegal Game Animal Heads During Multiple Search Warrants In Farmington

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish officers, with assistance from the New Mexico State Police and San Juan County Sheriff’s office, seized 17 illegal game animal heads during multiple search warrants throughout the Farmington area on Tuesday. The investigation into a Farmington man, who is facing multiple charges, originated in early 2017 from an investigation by Department of Game and Fish Officer Shana Burkhardt after trail camera pictures placed on private land revealed what appeared to be illegal activity. It is illegal in the state of New Mexico to kill any game animal out of season and without a proper and valid hunting license. It is also illegal to pick up dead heads, road kill or any skull with antlers attached. The Department of Game and Fish encourages anyone with information about wildlife crimes to call Operation Game Thief toll-free at (800) 432-4263. Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for rewards if information leads to charges being filed.

Investigation Underway Into Death Of Man Found In Alley

Roswell Police Department detectives are investigating the death of a man whose body was found yesterday morning in an alley in the east part of the city. A woman who was taking trash out to a trash bin in the alley about 9:40 a.m. noticed the man lying in the alley and called police to report what she thought was a man who was passed out. When officers arrived, it was determined the man was deceased. Investigators have identified the man, but are not yet releasing his name and age. Anyone with potential information regarding this case is asked to call the Roswell Police Department.

County Commission Meeting Moved

Appearing Wednesday on KSVP, Eddy County Commissioners Jon Henry and Larry Wood (pictured) said the Eddy County Commission meeting this week has been moved to next week due to the New Mexico Association of Counties Annual Conference in Taos.This week both men talked about the Texas Hornshell Mussel ,Black River and concerns of Smokin’ On The Pecos this weekend in Artesia.

The Mosaic Company Donates $50K To Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

The Mosaic Company announced a donation of $50,000 to Desert Willow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to support construction and equipment for their new wildlife hospital, as well as much needed animal enclosures. Desert Willow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center provides around-the-clock care to all native wildlife in southeast New Mexico. The Center works with Carlsbad and Eddy and Lea County Animal Control officers, as well as the local New Mexico Department of Game and Fish officers, to receive the wildlife that they treat. Mosaic’s donation will be used towards site preparation for a new wildlife hospital, as well as equipment for when the hospital is up and running. Funds will also be used to complete construction on a small flight complex that will include an open central area of waterfowl enclosures. An announcement event was held earlier today at the Center, with several birds on hand for attendees to observe, including an American white pelican and a great-horned owl. “At Mosaic, we are committed to being a good neighbor and operating in a responsible and sustainable way,” said Bruce Bodine, Senior Vice President - Potash at Mosaic. “This investment reflects our focus on delivering a strong sustainability performance while ensuring our community has the required facilities, equipment and services to serve all native wildlife in need of care.” The new wildlife hospital will provide a safer place for the care of wildlife. There will be rooms dedicated to triage and treatment, surgery, neonatal care, and isolation to help prevent spread of disease. Doctors, staff members, and volunteers will be better equipped to manage the hundreds of animals that come to the Center every year. “It is exciting to finally begin plans for the wildlife hospital! This is something we have needed for the last three years,” said Dr. Samantha Uhrig, Desert Willow Veterinary Services. “Mosaic has been a major part of what we do. The company has been generous, not only in monetary support, but also volunteer support.” This is Mosaic’s second $50,000 donation to the Desert Willow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in recent years. In 2015, funds were used to help build a circular flight pen, and outfit it with equipment and services to increase the ability to care for wildlife that are orphaned, injured or ill. What began as a family effort in 1989, providing care for approximately 100-200 animals each year, has grown into a full-fledge rehabilitation center that cared for almost 900 animals last year alone. Mosaic has worked closely with Dr. Uhrig and her team to manage wildlife on and near the Carlsbad Operations since 2008 via Wildlife Hazers, Mosaic’s internal wildlife protection program, which is now considered one of the most innovative and effective in North America.

Street Work Continues In Artesia

One part is done and the final part is expected to be done by year’s end. We’re talking about work on 13th Street in Artesia. City of Artesia Infrastructure Director Byron Landfair says work near the Abo Shopping Center wrapped up recently.

Body Found In Tree Confirmed As Christopher Salas

The Chaves County Sheriff’s Office says the Office of the Medical Investigator in Albuquerque has confirmed the identity of a man found deceased in a tree southeast of Roswell as that of Sergio Salas. They say the confirmation was made using fingerprints. Salas had been reported missing to the Roswell Police Department late last month. The OMI report found no signs of any trauma, likely to cause death during their exam. The OMI will wait for toxicology reports to be completed before issuing a final report in this case.

Democratic Committee Says Clean Energy Viable

New Mexico U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich(pictured) is on a committee called the Joint Economic Committee Democrats and they have released a report that says there are barriers to clean energy innovation that are preventing the U.S. economy from capitalizing on what they are calling clean energy’s potential. Sen. Heinrich is the ranking member of the committee and he says legislation like the Clean Energy Act can streamline tax credits and works to dismantle the barriers to clean energy innovation and spur economic growth. The senator says the GOP and President Trump are casting investment in energy research aside and propose slashing vital programs at the Department of Energy.

Paul Gessing Podcast Returns

This week the head of the Rio Grande Foundation says “not so fast” on the “Kids Count” report. The latest on the state’s unemployment rate, oil prices going down and education spending in the state.

NM Journalist Facing Prison For Doing His Job

By Brett McPherson. Aaron Cantu went to Washington, D.C., on Inauguration Day to cover protests for the Santa Fe Reporter, and now he`s facing extensive jail time. He and 214 other defendants were arrested on charges ranging from conspiracy to riot to destruction of property on January 20, when thousands took to the streets in the nation`s capital to rally against Donald Trump`s presidency. What sets Cantu apart from most others, however, is that he was working as a member of the press, and thus should be protected by the First Amendment. Editor and publisher of the Santa Fe Reporter, Julie Ann Grimm, said she`s concerned about what this means for journalists in the U.S. `When a journalist is dispatched to something like a protest, and the police decide to arrest people just for being there, that puts a big limit on what a journalist can do to tell the story,` Grimm said. `And it also is terrifying.` She said her reporter could spend years in jail for `wearing a black sweatshirt in a place where other people in black sweatshirts may have been committing crimes.` According to the complaint, hundreds of protesters wore dark colors and masks to hide their identities while they smashed windows of banks and businesses, and set a limousine on fire while assaulting the driver. Cantu was taken into custody using a tactic called a `kettle` that police use to trap and arrest large groups of people at once. He had credentials indicating that he was a journalist, but was arrested anyway. He now faces prison time for the charges. Grimm said authorities infringing on reporters` rights to cover events such as protests is indicative of a larger problem. She pointed to popular attitudes toward the media as one culprit. `We think there`s a feeling out there among some people that journalism isn`t important, and that it isn`t noble, and that it isn`t necessary,` Grimm said. `So that`s how we get into the situation where journalists are regularly being jailed for trying to do their jobs.` Cantu has pleaded not guilty to all counds. Six other journalists were arrested that day and most of their charges have since been dropped, but his remain.

New Mexico State Grad Talks About New Book

John Kramer says Blythe, “weaves a tale of two lovers, an act of infidelity and a dark despotic prison.” He talked about it Sunday on Hot New Country 92.9.

Shoot Them...They Are Morally Inferior

© Jim Spence - The would-be killer of House Whip Steve Scalise was a Bernie Sanders volunteer. He wanted to make sure he was shooting at Republicans when he approached the baseball field where the GOP team was practicing for a charity event earlier this week. And despite some incredibly inflammatory reactions by various Democrats, like the Nebraska black caucus leader, who said, the whole shooting was “funny,” many op-ed pieces have wondered instead why we Americans are so divided. Explaining why we are so divided is pretty easy. It plays out at the family level all over America…….including our family. Yes, we have Democrats in our family and we also have Republicans. More than anything else my spouse and I prefer libertarian ideals which are long lost in the entitlement era. It has been an interesting process to witness the morphing of the political discussions at our family gatherings since we were young adults. In the 1970’s and early 1980’s the elders in both my family and my wife`s family tended to dominate the political discussions. Mostly we just listened. Their biases were towards the Democratic Party and against Republicans. These elders tried, eventually in vain, to convince us that the “greater good” required European-style socialism. Who else but an immoral person could be against the greater good, was their argument. The problem with their greater good argument was that as we matured, we realized that the facts simply did not support their claims. As the 1970’s ended and the 1980’s began, Marxist China had to embrace a healthy dose of free market capitalism to end the mass starvation brought on by decades of big government socialism. The Soviet Union did the same to avert financial extinction a decade later. History is littered with failed socialist regimes. The statement by Ronald Reagan that “government was not the solution but the problem,” was proven to be true over and over again. To us facts mattered. By the 1984 election we knew despite what our Democrat parents told us that what they had been peddling was total baloney. We stopped voting for Democrats and we said so. By the mid 1980’s we were saving and investing a very significant portion of our modest income. We did without many things and “cool stuff” while most others in our peer group spent their money on all the latest discretionary items. With reserves building, we ran across opportunities and our income gradually increased. Most notably, along the way to success, the family political discussions became edgy. People like us, who voted for candidates who seemed to be for more limited government, were told repeatedly that the main reason why we did so, was because we were unconcerned about others, just ourselves. At virtually every family gathering it was inferred that we were selfish, greedy, and lacking in compassion for others. Even as we began to make more and more charitable contributions from our increasing disposable income, the morally inferior inferences continued non-stop from the Democrats in the family. It didn’t take long before it was made abundantly clear that it did not matter how much we paid in taxes or gave to charity, we would always be morally inferior because “we did not pay our fair share.” In some years, we paid more in state and federal income taxes than our harsh judges earned before taxes. We never knew what class warfare really meant until this corrosive process was well underway. Eventually, and many years ago now, we made the decision to resist all temptation to discuss politics at family gatherings. While we remained quiet, and or changed the subject, the sniping and morally inferior inferences tossed in our direction continued. If only people like you would pay your fair share, we heard on so many occasions. Image result for hodgkinson gunman in virginia Virtually every holiday season became an endurance contest. How many times could we tolerate the jabs and needles that suggested because we reject the false premises of socialism, we were selfish and greedy. These slights often took place while we were cooking and cleaning up after our guests who scarcely lifted a finger. Are we surprised that a gunman and Bernie Sanders supporter from Illinois, who has been photographed holding a poster with the same sort of class war phrases directed towards us, would open fire on a group of GOP Congressmen and women while they were preparing to raise funds for charity? Why would we be surprised? Our business is barred from providing services for public pensions in the state of Illinois because we are white and male. This unconstitutional Illinois law is the handiwork of a state that has been dominated by the Democratic Party for decades…..the same sort of Democrats who infer at every turn that anyone who is not a Democrat is morally inferior. Steve Scalise`s would-be assassin was simply trying to rid the country of derelicts because he had internalized the moral superiority delusion of his party and resorted to violence. Now into my early 60’s I avoid most family gatherings if I even suspect the Democrats are going to be present. Why hang out with people who think I am morally inferior and have told me so many times? Would they shoot at me? Only metaphorically.

The Smoking Hot Days Of Summer

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D. For some of our fellow residents here in New Mexico there has been surprise that the daytime temperatures have suddenly been in the triple digits. And it is real dry here, too. The answer is simple: New Mexico has been in a drought for 280 million years, come next August so it should not come as a surprise, but it does for many of our residents. Newcomers can be excused because they have not lived somewhere that the seatbelt buckle in their car can be used as a branding iron if it was in the sun. And coins left on the seat of the car will leave an impression if they are in the sun. People bump their heads on the inside car roof when the pain travels from posterior to head. But these last few days people have been talking incessantly about the triple digit heat in New Mexico and other states. Entertainer George Burns was asked, “George, how is your wife?” He answered, “Compared to what?” That’s the answer for the heat wave. Some say wryly, “It’s a dry heat.” New Mexico is less noteworthy than Phoenix where 120 degrees is their fate. And that temperature in Phoenix doesn’t warrant more than a passing notice by their news media. “We see here where a highway has melted, details at six.” What to do here in New Mexico when it is broiling hot? We can prepare a couple pans of cookies to bake on the dash of the car which has two values: you get cookies and it functions as a car air freshener. Obviously, we should stay in a cool place and not be out mowing the lawn. Well, I say obviously because some New Mexicans are out mowing the lawn in the heat and with the sweat pouring off of them they ask, “Hot enough for ya?” Mostly what I have noticed these last few days is the look of surprise that somehow it got this hot. It does pretty much every year but the last time was about one year ago. We need to do something about that short-term memory loss, eh? It is similar to when the New Mexico winds start in March which they do start every March around these parts. People look surprised that parts of Arizona are moving to Texas by air over around and through us. It does so every year. What to do? Enjoy the scenic New Mexico vistas, even if they are hot. And enjoy the taste of hot green chile. Not the garbage from New York City, but real New Mexico Green Chile that announced its presence with authority. Remember, we are a friendly people so don’t be troubled that we wave hello in our car. We’re just being friendly. Likewise, we are averse to anyone telling us how they did things back where they came from. Just suggest whatever without mentioning back home. Especially, don’t tell us how hot it is back home, you are here now. Email: - Swickard’s novel, Hideaway Hills,is available at