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Date For Wet N Wild Changes

The popular event for the Ride For Bikes organization has been held in past years during Smokin’ On The Pecos in late June. Robby Gaines of Ride For Bikes says it will take place at the end of May. He offers more information now in the podcast section on the left hand side of the page. (Courtesy Photo) 

Coming Up Wednesday On The KSVP Morning Show

At 7:20am, we will talk some Artesia Bulldog baseball with head coach Lee Johnson. At 8:20am, District 2 Eddy County Commissioner Royce Pearson will join us to talk some Eddy County business. And at 9:45am, we will air a new episode of Ask the Vet with Dr. Lawrence Young of Artesia Animal Clinic.

Newsmakers Looks At Dwindling Groundwater

From KRWG-TV in Las Cruces,reports include: Concerns over a lack of enforcement for the new minimum wage law in Las Cruces; NMSU students help an historic La Mesa restaurant get state recognition, and the National Register of Historic Places could be the next step; and a look at the dwindling groundwater supply in southern New Mexico. Watch the program now in the You Tube link at the bottom of the page. Fred Martino(at left) is the host.

Western Energy Alliance And Others Challenge Feds

New Mexico has more than 3.7 million acres of oil and gas development on federal land and will be heavily impacted by the Obama Administration’s duplicative and expensive new regulations on hydraulic fracturing. These regulations will burden producers with additional compliance costs and divert critical resources from developing American energy, creating family-sustaining jobs, and growing the economy in New Mexico and around the nation. What’s more, there is no evidence from EPA or any other agency that any of these regulations will have a positive impact on quality of life in the state. The Western Energy Alliance, Independent Petroleum Association of America, and State of Wyoming are challenging the new regulations in federal court. Kathleen Sgamma (pictured) of the Western Energy Alliance offers more in the podcast section on the left hand side of the page.

Roswell Cub Scouts Tour RPD

 Some local Cub Scouts and other youngsters got a tour of the Roswell Police Department Tuesday morning (March 31). Among the various areas of the police station they visited was the training room, where a couple of boys tested the strength of some protective gear officers wear during certain training. The group also heard about the uniqueness of each person’s fingerprints and palm prints. 

The Geopolitics Of Oil Go Round And Round

Many complicated factors contribute to the global price of a barrel of oil, but two of the leading components are supply and risk—and both have the potential to escalate in the days ahead. The current region-wide sectarian war could easily bump oil prices up dramatically. And, the expected nuclear deal with Iran could drop them—dramatically. Hear more from Marita Noon(pictured) by going to the podcast section on the left hand side of the page.

Advocacy Center Formed

For approximately 20 years the Kids Safehouse of Eddy County has served Carlsbad and the surrounding communities with child forensic interviews. The Kids Safehouse also provided other services such as Prevention Programs in the elementary schools and follow-up referral services to the victims. As the result of an unfortunate series of events, in January 2015 the Kids Safehouse of Eddy County ceased operations and began their shutdown process. This resulted in a huge hurdle for law enforcement and CYFD in their child abuse investigations, as well as the neglect of the other services which are now absent. Sheriff Soctt London(pictured) approached United Way of Carlsbad and South Eddy County and sought out a solution to this void. Zelma Lopez who has a background in child forensic interviewing and child abuse prevention was recruited as the director of a new organization. On March 26, the Cavern City Child Advocacy Center board held its first formal meeting. Hear more from Sheriff London by going to the podcast section on the left hand side of the page.

Carlsbad Man Arrested For Commercial Burglary

This past weekend the Carlsbad Police Department responded to Bond Ice Company in reference to a commercial burglary. When police arrived they learned fluorescent light bulbs, a ladder, and one hand held sprayer had been taken from inside the business. Police discovered foot tracks which led to a local motel nearby the business. After reviewing video surveillance police were able to identify the person whom was responsible for the burglary, and identified him as Raul Quinones. Police learned Quinones was staying in a room at this motel and obtained a District Court search warrant to search the room.Inside police found Quinones, and all of the property taken from Bond Ice Company. Quinones was arrested and charged with Commercial Burglary, Larceny under $500, and Criminal Damage to Property under $1,000.

Carlsbad Man Arrested For Producing Counterfeit U.S. Currency

The Carlsbad Police Department has arrested James Patterson of Carlsbad for producing counterfeit money. The investigation began in the fall of 2014 when the Carlsbad Police Department began receiving reports of counterfeit bills in circulation in the Carlsbad and Artesia areas. Carlsbad Police utilized surveillance, video surveillance, and the help of local merchants and banks to determine who was responsible for producing the counterfeit bills. Patterson admitted he produced counterfeit 100-dollar bills, and had been observed attempting to pass some of these bills at local stores and restaurants. These bills were also used by other co-conspirators at local businesses and restaurants. The bills seized by police during the course of this investigation were admittedly produced by Patterson using a scanner, printer, and laptop computer he used at home. These items were also seized by police. Police discovered images of scanned U.S. currency Patterson used to produce counterfeit bills on his laptop computer.

Former Carlsbad Official Charged

The Carlsbad Police Department reports that they have arrested a former city official and charged him with embezzlement. They report that the arrest was a result of a year long investigation conducted by their department. Arthur Sena was suspected of giving employees he supervised extra overtime in exchange for 50-percent of the amount of overtime paid. City auditors noticed the inconsistencies and reported them to CPD and the investigation began. Sena is suspected of adding nearly 65-thousand dollars to the overtime sheets of the employees he supervised. Sena and the other two are longer employed by the city.

Cell Ordinance Still In Place In Carlsbad

Yes, the City of Carlsbad has a cell phone ordinance. Yes, the Carlsbad Police Department is pulling people over and giving tickets to violators, and yes, the Department knows that violations are still occurring and there’s a lot of work left to be done. “It is a violation of city law to be talking or texting on cell phones while driving unless you are using a hands-free device,” said Carlsbad Police Chief Kent Waller. “Yes, we are doing projects to target cell phone users and will be doing more in the future.”The City of Carlsbad’s cell phone ban was passed in 2011. Specifically, the use of cell phones and other handheld devices while driving was added to the City’s existing code of activities prohibited while operating a motor vehicle. Motorists can still talk on cell phones using devices that free both hands for driving. Additionally, cell phone use in the event of an emergency is still allowed. There’s also a state ban on texting while driving. “Cell phone use by motorists was a safety risk in 2011, and it’s still a safety risk,” noted City Administrator Steve McCutcheon. “Police officers are issuing citations to those they spot.” Cell phone citations account for about 5 percent of the total number of vehicle citations being issued, according to statistics provided by the Carlsbad Police Department.For example, between the months of September 2014 and February 2015, the Carlsbad Police Department issued a total of 6,284 citations to motorists. (This statistic includes both minor traffic citations and more serious infractions, such as DWI). That statistic includes 78 DWI arrests, 320 citations for cell phone use and 1,037 citations for no insurance.Waller and McCutcheon both agreed that cell phone use in the car remains a serious safety problem in Carlsbad. “A large part of our traffic accidents are caused by distracted drivers, and probably our leading cause of that today is cell phones,” Waller said.During the first two months of 2015, the Carlsbad Police Department responded to 176 traffic accidents.According to Waller, South Canal Street remains the biggest problem area for accidents. The times when the accident risk is the highest are noon to 1 p.m. and 4 to 5 p.m., and Tuesdays and Fridays are the busiest days.“It’s tough because we all live busy lives,” said Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway. “But we all need to try harder to look out for those around us and focus on driving.”

US Department Of Labor Finds Oil And Gas Industry workers Underpaid By More Than $1.3M

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that their Wage and Hour Division started an initiative last year that they say has recovered more than one million dollars owed to more than one thousand oilfield workers in New Mexico and west Texas. Recent investigations conducted by the Albuquerque District Office found that Desta Drilling owed more than 300-thousand dollars in back wages to 449 employees and those bonuses to pay to drillers weren’t included in the rates used for calculating overtime wages. They also found that one company owed over 500 employees more than 100-grand in back wages.

Paul Gessing Discusses Falling Oil And Gas Prices And Other Money Issues

During his weekly podcast, the head of the Albuquerque based Rio Grande Foundation summed up the state’s economic situation as, “perilous times.” He says the state has been so dependent on the federal government and right now the feds don’t have the money to help. He says oil prices need to spike back up or the state needs some major economic reform. Hear more by going to the podcast section on the left hand side of the page. 

E-Cigs Part Of CDC's Anti-Smoking Campaign In New Mexico, Nation

People in New Mexico and around the U.S. are being reminded of the health risks of smoking and also myths about e-cigarettes - in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's new Tips From Former Smokers campaign.CDC Senior Medical Officer Dr. Tim McAfee says vaping, the use of e-cigarettes, is being aggressively marketed as a way to help smokers quit, although the research so far shows it does not help. In addition, he cites research showing that reducing the amount of traditional smoking by using e-cigs doesn't help, either."The 2010 Surgeon General's Report found fewer cigarettes per day does not reduce cardiovascular disease and that the only way to stop the progression of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is to quit smoking completely," says McAfee. The anti-smoking campaign features television and radio spots, online images and video and print components bearing testimonials from former smokers dealing with major health problems and directs smokers to call the QuitLine (1-800-QUIT-NOW).'Julia' is one of the former smokers in this year's campaign. She details her life after colon cancer, which she connects to more than 30 years of smoking, starting as a teenager."It wasn't just about the physical pain and suffering I endured, it was also the fear and sadness I saw in my family that hurt almost more than the cancer itself," she says.Other former smokers sharing their stories talk about rectal cancer, lung cancer and age-related macular degeneration. Photo credit: Washington Governor Jay Inslee.

Babe Ruth Car Visits Artesia

The 18th Annual Main Event Car Show and Cruise in Artesia is in the books. The car that everyone was talking about was a 1948 Lincoln Continental that was owned by Babe Ruth. The car is now owned by Lonnie Shelton from Texas.

Carlsbad School Board Holds Special Meeting

Supt. Gary Perkowski says it dealt with budget increases and budget allocations. He crunches the numbers and how the money must be spent. Check it out now in the podcast section on the left hand side of the page. 

NMOGA Spokesman Reacts To Falling Prices And Job Losses

Recently Mark Bentley from Dateline New Mexico and The Inside Politics Blog, made this observation on falling oil and gas prices in New Mexico. "The state’s income is not entirely tied to the oil and gas industry, but a significant percentage comes from the extraction industry. Enough that when the price of crude oil drops a dollar it costs the state roughly $7 million in revenue. Then there is also the issue of employment and the trickle down of fewer jobs as the drilling companies cut back on the number of wells they are setting. That alone could have a significant economic impact, especially in the southeastern and northwestern parts of New Mexico." Wally Drangmeister the Spokesman for the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association offers some reaction now in the podcast section on the left hand side of the page.

El Nino Is Back

Whether you’re backyard gardener or a hay farmer you’ll welcome this news of increased rain chances. Dalene Hodnett has the details now in the podcast section on the left hand side of the page.

City And School Officials Continue Talk About Community Pool

It has been sometime since the Artesia Public Schools’ Natatorium was torn down due to building issues. The City of Artesia and APS are looking for input from the community on a new swimming pool. People can take a survey at Look for the quick links on the left hand side of the page and you will see the pool survey. Community Development Director Jim McGuire(pictured), Recreation Specialist Luis Reyes and APS Operations boss Thad Phipps talk more about the pool now in the podcast section on the left hand side of the page. 

Patricia Miller Talks About NMCCH And Adoption-Pregnancy Options

The New Mexico Christian Children’s Home is based in Portales and Miller says they offer adoption and pregnancy services. Hear more by going to the podcast section on the left hand side of the page. (Courtesy photo)