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NM State Sports Weekly Hosts A Roundtable

A look at the football, volleyball, women's basketball and softball programs at New Mexico State University can be found in the You Tube link at the bottom of the page. 

ECC Approves Interim Budget

The Eddy County Commission met Tuesday in Carlsbad and Commissioners Glen Collier (pictured) and Royce Pearson appeared Wednesday on “Good Morning Artesia.” Pearson says the county passed an interim budget for next fiscal year. They also talked about expanding the Eddy County Courthouse. Get a recap now in the podcast section on the left hand side of the page. 

Local Agencies Train For Active-Shooter Situation

Members of the Roswell Police Department were among multiple law enforcement, fire and medical personnel who participated in a mock exercise Tuesday (May 5) to train for a response to an active-shooter, mass-casualty situation at the New Mexico Military Institute.Participating in the exercise were NMMI’s police department , along with the Roswell Police Department, Chaves County Sheriff’s Office, New Mexico State Police, Roswell Fire Department, Superior Ambulance Service, Eastern New Mexico Medical Center, Lovelace Regional Hospital, and the New Mexico Rehabilitation Center.A similar exercise is held annually at NMMI. Participants use ammunition and weapons specially designed for training. With the exercise held at NMMI, local first-responders are able to become familiar with that campus and its buildings. The training, however, provides experience and instruction that responders can put to use in an actual incident at any site. This year’s mock situation featured two shooters entering the NMMI campus and injuring multiple victims. Emergency responders were dispatched to the scene to respond to the ongoing incident. The participating law enforcement personnel had to deal with ending the threat of the shooters while also trying to enable medical personnel to treat the wounded. Local hospitals then dealt with the wounded victims who were transported to those facilities. “These exercises are highly important because they help us identify potential lapses in communication and training,” said Roswell Police Department Commander Tom Moody. “It’s an opportunity to learn and network and work with other agencies. It gives us a chance to enhance our capabilities to deal with situations like this and work with these other agencies.”

Woods Houghton Podcast Returns

This week the Eddy County Extension Agent talks about the 100th anniversary of his office and the first months it was housed in the County Jail. To hear more go to the podcast section on the left hand side of the page. 

The Pope Embraces The Religion Of Global Warming

From Marita Noon of Energy Makes America Great. "This week’s topic was tough. There were so many different directions I could go with it. Do I tag team with the efforts of my friends who’ve already published on the Pope’s global warming position, do I use the well-known data to tear down his view, or go a different direction? If you are a frequent reader of my work, you’d guess that I’d go a different direction. I did." Hear more in the podcast section on the left hand side of the

Transformational Gift From Allen Theatres To Fund NMSU Football Locker Room Renovation

The locker room used by the New Mexico State University football team is about to undergo a massive renovation, thanks to a substantial donation from Las Cruces-based Allen Theatres Inc. The project will provide long-overdue improvements to the facility, a facelift to the amenities, and improved conditions for student athletes. “Allen Theatres is an important friend, having generously supported New Mexico State University for the past 30 years,” said NMSU President Garrey Carruthers. “We’re delighted to have them as a key partner and this particular investment will play an important role in helping us continue to build our football program.” “It’s important for us, as a company, to support the community we serve,” said Larry Allen, president of Allen Theatres. “We’re fortunate to be in a position to make this contribution to NMSU and we’re excited to see the impact this will have on the university. We believe NMSU’s football program is where many people in Las Cruces, and beyond, are first introduced to the university. We feel this investment will benefit not just the Aggie football team, but all of NMSU.” The Allen family has been in New Mexico and operated movie houses in the state for more than 100 years. They currently have 16 movie theaters in 11 cities across New Mexico and Colorado. Their three locations in Las Cruces include the Cineport 10, Telshor 12 and Video 4.“It’s a transformational gift for a key facility in our football program,” said Mario Moccia, NMSU’s director of athletics. “Currently we don’t show recruits our locker room, given the needed renovations, but this will change with this phenomenal gift from Allen Theatres. What was once a facility we bypassed on recruitment visits will become a pride point thanks to their generosity. This investment signals to Aggie fans and prospective student athletes that football is important, and we’re all on board to make it successful.” The locker room project is the most recent in a series of renovations to Aggie Memorial Stadium. In 2014, the university installed new, synthetic turf on the field. That project was funded by a $1 million gift from Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino owner Stan Fulton, with additional support provided by NMSU student activity fees. The same year, NMSU’s Coca-Cola Weight Training Center underwent a major renovation, thanks to a substantial gift from Mesilla Valley Transportation, as well as other donors. The weight-training facility benefits student athletes in 17 different athletic programs.Earlier this year, the NMSU Board of Regents approved a new skybox for Aggie Memorial Stadium. The new addition will be constructed on the east side of the stadium and provide a space for the university to entertain guests. The skybox is funded by a separate $1 million donation made by Fulton.

Potash Company Seeking Medical Care Elsewhere

Intrepid Potash has offered employees a new medical insurance plan. This plan would give them incentives to seek medical services anywhere besides Carlsbad Medical Center. It follows what the company calls extremely high medical rates at CMC. Intrepid Potash has presented this plan during its open enrollment meetings over the last month. It began open enrollment for it on Friday. Intrepid Potash vice president Jamie Whyte says the plan gives both cash incentives and travel reimbursement to encourage workers to receive services from outside Carlsbad.

Information Sought To Locate Man Wanted In Murder Case

Information is being sought from the public to help track down a man wanted for murder. Police want to find Steve Guardado, 27, who is wanted for the 2013 homicide of Stoarmy Joel Vargas, 22. Vargas was fatally shot outside a Roswell residence Oct. 25, 2013, in the 600 block of Cherry Street. Investigators obtained a warrant for Guardado’s arrest last week. Guardado, who is also known as Gordo and may also go by Steven Gonzalez Guardado, is described as 5’11”, 280 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. Anyone with potential information regarding the whereabouts of Steve Guardado is asked to call the Roswell Police Department at (575) 624-6770 or Chaves County Crime Stoppers at 1-888-594-TIPS(8477).

Forbes Lists Artesia Man As Richest In NM

Forbes has named Mack Chase the richest person in New Mexico. The newest listing has the president of Chase Energy Corporation in Artesia at $650 million. Of course, that number represents a drop in the bucket compared to Bill Gates, the national leader at $78.8 billion. (Photo courtesy of Mack Energy Corporation) 

Bronco Baseball Season Wraps Up

The NMMI Broncos concluded the regular season last week against Frank Phillips. Head coach Chris Cook (pictured) recaps the season and looks ahead. Check it out now in the podcast section on the left hand side of the page. 

Dexter Football Coach Coming Home

Kevin Graham will be in familiar territory this fall. The current head football coach at Kirtland Central High School will be roaming the sidelines in Demon land this fall. He’s an Artesia native and played for the Bulldogs. To hear from him go to the podcast section on the left hand side of the page. (Photo courtesy of Farmington Daily Times)

DAV Chapter To Host Event

This Saturday, the Disabled American Veterans Chapter number 19 will be hosting a community outreach from nine that morning until three that afternoon at the Legacy Inn in Artesia. The organizer says the event is for homeless veterans in the community and for those in need. He says there will be free food and drinks and some personal items will be handed out. He says this in appreciation to those who served their country and is a way to give back to the community. Anyone who would like to help out is asked to call 302-8695. Again that number is 302-8695.

Paul Gessing Talks About New Mexico Issues

From the head of the Albuquerque based Rio Grande Foundation. "It is unfortunate that our senators are attempting to dismiss this project(a nuke storage facility) out of hand. I guess they simply prefer on-site storage which strikes me as far more environmentally-problematic. Of course the real issue is that despite zero carbon emissions, nuclear is not a preferred liberal energy source for most environmental zealots. It is at least worth studying whether SE NM would be a good place for such a facility." TO hear more go to the podcast section on the left hand side of the page.

The Land Of Empty Houses And More

© 2015 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.New Mexico's political leaders have for more than a hundred years of statehood driven New Mexico into poverty and despair. Not that the leaders themselves got poor, they got rich. Poverty is a bonanza for political leaders but a disaster for citizens. The bonanza for politicians is to talk socialism and deal in crony corruption.The citizens of New Mexico spent millions of tax dollars to get Bill Richardson elected President of the United States. It didn't work. Richardson became wealthy though some of his actions were called scummy precluding his election. New Mexico is mentioned when Bill Richardson's name comes up. That is all we got for the money we spent.New Mexico is in free-fall in the race to be the worst state. We have spent our money and political capital on the wrong people because those leaders desire New Mexicans to remain in poverty. They talk about helping people in poverty but the people remain in poverty regardless of the money spent. And the politicians get rich on our misery.When New Mexicans are in poverty the federal government throws buckets of money at the poverty. Little of the money trickles down to the people in need. The buckets of cash have arrived and the citizens have remained the same.Question: what is it that will change New Mexico? We need commerce to flourish. That will lift all of us up. We have a young people drain because we do not have many good jobs in New Mexico. Not having jobs, is that good or bad for the politicians? It is wonderful. They run on getting New Mexico going. But they do not support commerce except at election time.What is one of the most important things to change? Even though we have wonderful weather, some of our agriculture base is moving due to lack of water planning. The lack of competent water planning was intentional. It was so that New Mexico would stay poor.We have had droughts for thousands of years so the recent ten years of drought only surprises stupid people. Without adequate water in New Mexico the green chile will be grown somewhere else as will the onions, cotton and alfalfa.Likewise without adequate supplies of water the feed for dairies, ranches and all kinds of feed related industries must move. Water is life and lack of competent water planning is death to New Mexico's dreams.New Mexico is no longer the Land of Enchantment. It is becoming the Land of Empty Houses. This is the Land of the hopelessness of young people getting a good job. This is the Land of the missing private small businesses because the state is job-unfriendly and getting more so every day.Without a vibrant economy this is the Land of no future. This is the Land where the door to prosperity is boarded shut by the politicians. The answer to all commerce questions is "No, but keep asking."Even worse, this is the Land of top to bottom corruption, locally and at the state level. The people who run the state have a mania for corruption so that it is in every level and every state agency. Not every worker is corrupt but that is a safe assumption when dealing with the political bosses.This is the Land where public education has nothing to do with kids and only benefits adults. This is the Land where the police are only useful as scapegoats. And the current military along with the retired and former military are treated poorly.Why do we hover near the bottom of every category in the United States? We continue voting for the people who keep us there. Want something different? Vote for different people who want a vibrant economy without the government override.If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you always got. If you are tired of poverty you must vote for people who support prosperity, not climate hoaxes and non-stop endangered species along with stopping commerce by wolves or lesser prairie chickens.Your elected leaders want you to stay in poverty. And New Mexico will remain at the bottom while our politicians thrive unless you vote differently. Email:

ECSO And Crimestoppers Looking For Info

The Eddy County Sheriff’s Office in cooperation with Crimestoppers, is requesting your assistance in solving an animal cruelty / larceny case. On April 11th ECSO received a call regarding a cow that had been killed and left on the side of the road. Detectives were made aware by the victim that a female cow had been killed and a part of the animal had been taken. The remains of the cow were left on the side of Red Road. It was later determined through an investigation that approximately 18 cows had been killed and then taken from the pasture where they reside. The value of the cows is approximately 70-thousand dollars. If you have any information, you’re asked to contact the ECSO or Crimestoppers at 887-1888. All tips remain anonymous and may result in a reward of up to a thousand dollars.

Museum Partners With 49th Wing MXS On Restoration Project

(Alamogordo, New Mexico) – A little over two years ago, the Apollo Command Module Boilerplate known as BP-1207 traveled more than 1500 miles from its former home in Florida to join the collection at the New Mexico Museum of Space History. To the casual visitor, BP-1207 looks just fine, perhaps a little flaking paint or a touch of visible rust, but it’s a prime location for selfies and photo opportunities for the thousands of visitors who visit the museum each year. To the trained eyes of museum staff, however, BP-1207 is in need of an all-out restoration. Decades of sitting outside in the elements has led to corrosion and rusting, particularly to the underside of the boilerplate. Enter Holloman Air Force Base’s 49th Maintenance Squadron Aircraft Metals Technology Shop and Structural Maintenance Shop. Responsible for the maintenance of aircraft at Holloman and the historic aircraft at the base’s Heritage Park, these two shops offered up their expertise, facilities, time and enthusiasm for the restoration of BP-1207. Then, Mesa Verde Enterprises stepped up and offered the services of their crane, truck, flatbed trailer, and staff members to take the artifact to Holloman.The boilerplate was the first artifact the museum received as part of the Smithsonian Affiliates Program and is on loan from the National Air and Space Museum. With that in mind, museum curator Sue Taylor started the ball rolling to get permission from the Smithsonian for the preservation of the artifact.“The Smithsonian takes artifact conservation very seriously, as do we here at the museum. Our goal is to make sure that when an artifact undergoes this process that everything is taken into account - from the present condition of the artifact to long term conservation goals and the facilities at Holloman where the restoration will take place. The plan we put together goes step by step through the entire process. The Smithsonian was very pleased with our plans and partnership with the 49th Wing,” said Taylor. “I think the best part about this, though, is the excitement of the teams on base and their commitment to an authentic restoration of the boilerplate.”On Monday, April 27, a half dozen crew members from Mesa Verde and their 35 ton crane moved BP-1207 onto a flatbed truck to start its journey to Holloman for its much needed facelift. Two New Mexico State Police cruisers escorted the boilerplate and its entourage to base, where for the next month the project will be in high gear.“Our entire team is really excited about this project and the opportunity to continue the legacy of Holloman Air Force Base, working with various space programs, NASA, and the museum,” said TSgt Dustin Lockhart, with the Aircraft Metals Technology Shop. “The new guys who’ve come in to work with the F-16s are really excited about what they’re doing daily but they look at this as extraordinary opportunity for a once in a lifetime experience. They are really pumped up about this project and it has generated tons of positive energy in the shop.”Lockhart’s team will be working on stabilization and restoration of the exterior of the 9,000 pound craft including possible replacement of areas that have been corroded through. Next, the Structural Maintenance Shop will strip off the existing paint, fill in appropriate areas, then repaint and letter the entire module in its original colors and font styles. A critical component of the plan is time, as the Maintenance Shop is scheduled to close temporarily at the end of May for remodeling so both shops will be working hard to get the project done before that deadline.“A neat highlight of this entire project is that the Air Force, in addition to providing us with badly needed renovations on the boilerplate, is using this as a training opportunity for their junior personnel on techniques that they need to learn before the their shop closes down. That makes this a real win-win for all concerned,” said museum Executive Director Chris Orwoll. “We at the museum truly appreciate the partnerships we’ve developed with the personnel at Holloman and Mesa Verde. This project is a shining example of the commitment to the community that both of these organizations have proven over and over again.”Upon completion of the project, the Mesa Verde crew will bring BP-1207 back to the museum and install it in its new location in front of Astronaut Memorial Garden.