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Emergency City Council Meeting Tonight

This just in ...

There will be an Emergency City Council Meeting Tonight, Tuesday, September 20th at 5:30pm at Artesia City Hall with regards to the Public Water Supply.

O-And-G Lease Sales Up

The New Mexico State Land Office collected more than $6.7 million from the September oil and gas lease sale, bringing Quarter 1 2018 earnings from monthly lease sales to nearly $50 million. Comparatively, from the same period last year sales barely exceeded $8 million.This month 10 tracts covering over 15-hundred acres of State Trust Lands in Eddy and Lea counties was up for bid. Chisholm Energy Holdings of Fort Worth was the winning bidder, paying $2.56 million for 200 acres in Eddy County.

APD Releases More Info On Monday Shooting

The Artesia Police Department says Ruben Lopez has been charged with an open count of murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Commander Lindell Smith says officers were called to the scene of the 900 block of Bullock Court after nine Monday night on a shots fired call. A criminal complaint says Lopez was upset about a dog that was sold to him. He claims it was stolen. The complaint also shows that Lopez threatened to take things from the house. Some arguments ensued and Lopez pointed the gun at someone. The suspect was pushed and then shots were fired. Ronald McClean was then taken to Artesia General Hospital where he was pronounced deceased. Commander Smith says the suspect was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon.

Artesia Mayor Offers Latest On Water Situation

Artesia Mayor Phil Burch(pictured) released the following information on Tuesday. The City of Artesia, in compliance with the directives of the Drinking Water Bureau of New Mexico, has extended the Boil Water Alert through at least Thursday, September 21. One of eight test results received today, on samples taken Monday, was positive for both e-coli and Total Coliform. Consequently, at least two more days of testing is required by the State of New Mexico. As stated above, the Boil Water Alert remains in effect. The alert advises that water to be consumed, used for cooking or washing fruits and vegetables must be boiled for a minimum of one minute before being used. City water continues to be safe for bathing, showering, washing clothes and watering lawns and plants. Ice made from the City water system should not be used. This includes residential ice makers as well as commercial and restaurant ice. City personnel will continue to be available to monitor senior citizen residents, nursing home facilities, the meal site and daycare centers. Residents with hardships and/or unable to secure a source of water should call 575-746-5057 or 575-746-9821.

Eddy And Chaves Make SmartAsset Top 10

The SmartAsset financial website has released a study on the top places in the U.S. where people carry the least credit card debt. Los Alamos is no. 1 and Eddy County is no. 2 and Chaves is no. 7. AJ Smith(pictured) crunches the numbers.

Aggies-Miners To Face Off

The New Mexico State football team hosts the Battle of I-10 rival UTEP Miners on Saturday, Sept. 23, at 6 p.m. MT. The clash of the rivals at Aggie Memorial Stadium. UTEP enters Saturday`s contest with a 0-3 record which most recently includes a 63-16 loss at home to Arizona. Over the Miners first three games, they have been outscored by opponents, 150-37. The opponent has totaled just 116 yards on the ground (38.7 per game) and just a pair of touchdowns through the air. The offensive woes forced head coach Sean Kugler to make some changes on his staff as Brian Natkin has now been named the team`s new offensive coordinator. Natkin previously coached the tight ends and served as the team`s special teams coordinator for the Miners. Natkin, an All-American tight end at UTEP in 2000, returned to his alma mater in December 2011 when he was named a full-time assistant. Natkin spent the 2012 season as the Miners` offensive line coach before moving to tight ends coach and special team`s coordinator. This season, UTEP is 4-for-4 in the red zone, which is tied for No. 1 nationally. The Miners have also only turned the ball over four times in 2017 which is tied for 49th in in the FBS and second in Conference USA. Saturday`s contest is the 95th meeting between NM State and UTEP. The Aggies currently trail in the series 35-57-2. The most recent meeting on Sept. 3, 2016, saw the team fall to the Miners, 38-22, in the Sun Bowl. NM State has fared better at home against the team from El Paso, however, as the series is knotted up, 19-19-1, in the Aggies backyard.

NMEDD Announces The Launch Of The Innovation Voucher Program

Economic Development Secretary Matt Geisel and the Technology Research Collaborative announced the launch of the Innovation Voucher Program. This competitive grant is designed to enable early stage science and technology companies, in New Mexico, to receive small amounts of funding to help offset costs during critical moments of company growth. `This program continues to move New Mexico forward as a leader in technology ventures,` said Economic Development Secretary Matt Geisel. `This investment strengthens our commitment to building a healthier economy and helping our homegrown companies succeed.` The Innovation Voucher Program will provide small amounts of funding at critical moments during company growth. These funds can be used to offset costs for services offered by New Mexico`s entrepreneurial assets allowing companies to focus on and achieve strategic business development goals. The Innovation Voucher program leverages New Mexico`s growing science and technology entrepreneurial ecosystem to diversify New Mexico`s economy. The program is available to science and technology startups affiliated with a New Mexico incubator or accelerator program. Each company can receive 1 award per year and no more than 3 awards over 5 years. Awards are capped at $2,000. Applications and should be submitted to the Manager of the Office of Science and Technology, Julia Wise.

CCSO Reports Break In Cold Case

The Chaves County Sheriff’s Office says they have made an arrest in a murder case that was reported nearly three years ago. Fabian Ward the Second was found laying in the middle of a road southeast of Roswell on Dec. 1 of 2014. After an extensive investigation Sheriff Britt Snyder says his office got some help from the Roswell Police Department Monday and arrested Tomas Vincent Aguilar-Sanchez on an arrest warrant. Snyder says the suspect is facing multiple charges and he is currently in jail and no bail has been set.

Crimestoppers Looking For Info

Crimestoppers of Eddy County is asking for the public’s help in solving a couple of crimes that were reported earlier this summer. According to information supplied by Crimestoppers the crimes are being a treated as a larceny and the total loss for Occidental Petroleum is around 50-thousand bucks. The first incident was reported in July and the other was reported in August. They were reported in an area off Dark Canyon Road. If you have more information you can call the hotline at 887-1888. The number again is 887-1888. All tips are anonymous and confidential and may result in a reward of up a thousand dollars.

NMDOT Announces Child Safety Seat Clinics In Coordination With Child Passenger Safety Week

The New Mexico Department of Transportation announced the sponsorship of annual statewide child safety seat clinics. The clinics will be held Saturday, September 23, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. to noon. The clinics will take place in eight cities and nine different locations as part of National Child Passenger Safety Week Seat Check Saturday. “We are pleased to be able to offer these clinics to the parents and caregivers of New Mexico. It is through education, advocacy, and community outreach efforts such as this that we are able to save lives,” said NMDOT Cabinet Secretary Tom Church. “A simple mistake could leave a child dangerously vulnerable in the event of a crash. Getting proper instruction from a certified technician can help reduce the risk of injury or even death for children involved in a motor vehicle crash.” According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated three out of four child safety seats are not used correctly. However, the use of child safety seats reduces fatal injury by 71 percent in infants and by 54 percent for toddlers (children 1 to 4 years of age) in passenger cars. At the statewide event, parents and caregivers will have access to personal instruction from certified technicians on the proper selection and use of their child safety seats. The clinics are held on a first-come, first-served basis. The service is free and open to the public. The clinics are a public service provided by the NMDOT’s Traffic Safety Division and Safer New Mexico Now. Kohl’s Department Stores is partnering with NMDOT through the Kohl’s Cares Community Outreach Program. Artesia`s West Main Baptist Church at 1701 W. Main Street will host it.

Paul Gessing Podcast Returns

This week the head of the Albuquerque based Rio Grande Foundation talks about Sandoval County putting together a plan for right to work. Udall and Heinrich supporting socialized care and unemployment in New Mexico.

More Money Attracting Festivals

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D. One morning in my coffee shop, we convened our own Chamber of Commerce. Business has been slow in our little slice of heaven so we needed to come up with some ways to induce folks to come and spend dollars. We really didn’t want lots of people to move here and clog up the roads and stores. Rather, we would like people to come, spend money and then go home. I took out a piece of paper to jot down ideas. One person said that the way to make money was to have all sorts of festivals such that out-of-towners came and spread cash around. I mentioned that Roswell had the Aliens Festival. We pondered that moneymaker. When I mentioned to one of the leading citizens in Roswell that the alien story was suspect, he said, “But they bring hundred-dollar bills.” Then he smirked. Many years ago I wrote a column about that Roswell Smirk. We could have that smirk if we could just invent a good festival. First, there could be Dust Day in March and April. Southern New Mexico is noted for the dust storms, maybe we could get people to come. Probably not. I have thought that instead of a Rain Meter, I should invent a Dust Meter. After a two-day windstorm, it would show 1.3 inches of dust was in the air. We were going well and the ideas flowed like coffee. There was Waffle Days on the first Tuesday of November to coincide with the elections. The agricultural members offered: Pig Days, Chicken Days, Cow Days, Goat Days… the group paused. From one table over a vegetarian offered Tofu Days which was followed by Road-Kill Days. No interest in either. More practical was Rusty Old Cars Days, Bow Tie Days, Halitosis Days which brought out Onion Days. Two months of every year about fifty percent of the onions consumed in our country come from Southern New Mexico. That festival could be sponsored by one of the many mouthwash companies. Horned Toad Days were offered along with Siesta Days. I was in favor of that. I have never been disappointed in a good old afternoon nap. There was Nothing Much Happening Days but that didn’t get a second. One of the coffee drinkers pointed out, “We don’t need days, we need nights for festivals. During the days, we are all working other than our coffee breaks.” That caused the conversation to slow down because one person pointed out that having something at night was fine as long as they could get home by nine, which is their bedtime. There was an early to bed, early to rise comment which we all knew was true. Let us reason together as to more festivals in our area to pick up any stray tourist dollars. Send me via this news outlet your ideas. Something like Geezer and Geezerette Days might just be the money ticket. I would fit in. Consider that the fifty-yard amble could make the evening news. Email: - Swickard’s novel, Hideaway Hills,is available at

This Month Is Life Insurance Month

Americans are vastly underinsured, evidenced by the fact that 40% do not carry life insurance. Additionally, there are an estimated $12 trillion in uncovered life insurance needs for families nationwide. A recent survey by Insurance Quotes examines why so many Americans remain uncovered. Much of this could stem from the increasing number of part-time workers that has evolved in recent years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 41% of all workers did not have access to life insurance coverage through their employer and that number skyrockets to 87% for part time workers. USAA found that of those who are insured, 25% feel that the coverage they have is not enough. This typically happens when people do not update their coverage when their financial situations change (i.e. getting married or buying a home). Even worse, these coverage gaps are expected to increase, potentially leaving the average family without the ability to remain in a stable financial position after the loss of a loved one. According to the insurance research organization LIMRA, 1 in 3 households would have immediate trouble covering living expenses at the loss of the primary wage earner. September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and financial advice experts at USAA want to raise awareness about the importance and need for life insurance. Having the right life insurance policy in place not only helps protect the financial future of you and your loved ones, it also provides peace of mind.Sean Scaturro(pictured)of USAA offers more info. (Photo from USAA)

Need Advice For The Garden?

Bugs, disease, bad soil? If your garden is having problems there’s a great resource to turn to. Dalene Hodnett(pictured) has the details.