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Officials call 4th of July fireworks a “dud.” Rich Hancock has details… http://blogaudio.virtualnewscenter.com/KEND-070617-HANCOCK-Fireworks%20Show.mp3 The city of Roswell has expressed dissatisfaction […]


New Mexico tops in tourism. Rich Hancock has details… http://blogaudio.virtualnewscenter.com/KEND-070717-HANCOCK-NM%20Tourism.mp3 Governor Susana Martinez announced 34.4 million trips were taken in […]

VO-HANCOCK-Judicial Salaries

Judges salaries considered Wednesday. Rich Hancock has details… http://blogaudio.virtualnewscenter.com/KEND-070617-HANCOCK-Judicial%20Salaries.mp3 An independent panel of legal experts is considering the salaries of […]

VO-HANCOCK-Teen Cyclist Recovering

A Roswell teen is recovering from a motorcycle crash. Rich Hancock has details… http://blogaudio.virtualnewscenter.com/KEND-070517-HANCOCK-Teen%20Cyclist%20Recovering.mp3 A teenage motorcyclist, seriously injured in […]

VO-HANCOCK-Firefighter Rescue

An off-duty firefighter was still saving lives. Rich Hancock has details… http://blogaudio.virtualnewscenter.com/KEND-070417-HANCOCK-Firefighter%20Rescue.mp3 Off-duty Roswell firefighter Carlos Garcia was in the […]